NHL preventing teams from making trades during Stanley Cup finals?

Graham Montgomery
June 15, 2024  (6:18 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner
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According to a new rumor, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has privately asked each team in the league not to announce any major moves during the Stanley Cup final.

It makes sense that the league would want all eyes on the finals. After all, it is the biggest series of the season. A champion is awarded and for one franchise history is made. No one would want a blockbuster trade to happen on the same day the cup is awarded, that would distract from the celebrations. Apparently this is only technically a suggestion, as the league reportedly cannot enforce it. However, the league still has to approve all trades before they are completed, so perhaps they do have some power in this situation.
If the season ends tonight there is a chance we see a flood of moves by Monday. The league has gently nudged teams to let the Stanley Cup finish before they make any moves. While not enforceable the league has offered a suggestion to let the Cup be handed out without distraction.

Somewhat ironically, the Toronto Maple Leafs did make a reasonably big announcement today as this rumor just came out. The team revealed that assistant coach Guy Boucher will not be returning to the club next season. As such, they have another opening on their coaching staff to fill.
The Toronto Maple Leafs announced today that assistant coach Guy Boucher will not return to the coaching staff.

That being said, the major announcement we are all waiting for from the Leafs has to do with Mitch Marner. The star winger has been in trade rumors all offseason but nothing has materialized yet, perhaps in part due to this suggestion from the league office. However, the team is not certain about trading him yet according to David Alter.
Report: The #Leafs are not 100 percent decided that they have to trade Mitch Marner.

Do they need to be proactive on this or just make use of the luxury of time?

It would certainly be something if we saw Mitch Marner traded just a day or two after the finals are completed. But what might be even more interesting is to see what other, unexpected trades could be waiting for us this summer.
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NHL reportedly telling teams not to make trades or roster moves
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NHL preventing teams from making trades during Stanley Cup finals?

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