John Tortorella, head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, at a recent media conference
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John Tortorella with unexpectedly strong opinions on another NHL coach

Published March 28, 2024 at 3:06 PM

John Tortorella, who has coached more NHL games than all but seven others in history, has given his opinion on another coach. It's a strong opinion, as you'd expect.

John Tortorella gives his honest opinion on Montreal Canadiens coach Martin St. Louis

In advance of tonight's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens, John Tortorella was asked by a reporter to share his thoughts on his Habs counterpart Martin St. Louis. One thing about Torts, he's always honest, no matter what. In this case, Tortorella didn't just praise St. Louis, he seems to be somewhat fascinated by him.

"He's going to be such a good coach because he wears it, I think he has one of the most interesting minds when it comes to hockey. He can't give all his thoughts to his team, cause he has a lot of stuff going on in there. We've had many conversations about that, cause he drove me crazy as far as how many things were going on in his mind when I coached him. I think he's going to be terrific."

John Tortorella, whose Philadelphia Flyers are in the playoff mix despite what many expected to be a terrible season, seems to have high respect for anyone involved in hockey who eat, sleeps, and breathes it. Tortorella has a unique perspective on Martin St. Louis, who recently rejoined the Canadiens in Colorado as he isn't just a fellow coach. Martin St. Louis played under John Tortorella in the NHL, and against him with other teams. Tortorella has been able to closely follow Martin St. Louis's transition from player to coach, and actually had some involvement in it.

The Montreal Canadiens recently lost a beloved member of their alumni, as Paul Masnick, who won a Stanley Cup with the Habs in 1953, passed away. Masnick was the oldest surviving player of that 1953 Habs team.
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John Tortorella with unexpectedly strong opinions on another NHL coach

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