Paul Andrew Masnick, 1953 stanley cup winner has passed away

Joseph King
March 27, 2024  (11:39)

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Born on April 14, 1931, Paul Andrew Masnick, carved a niche in the heart of ice hockey history—not as a player, but a legendary status that left an indelible mark in the annals of NHL.

Remembering Paul Andrew Masnick:

Paul Andrew Masnick's journey on March 23, 2024, at 92 years. His passing over represents the end of an era; he is the last living member of the 1953 Stanley Cup Canadiens team—a group of men who won greatness together. But, still, his memory will always be remembered by Masnick in his legacies.
Between 1950-1958, Masnick went ahead to play for some of the prestigious groups within the union league, some of which are like Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Chicago Black Hawks.
His career, spanning over a decade, was marked by dedication, skill, and a deep love for the game.

A Legacy Etched in Ice

Masnick's NHL career began in 1951 with the Montreal Canadiens, the team that would be the building base to his career and legacy. He won the Stanley Cup with the Canadiens, certainly going to the very pinnacle of success in the sport.
That win painted a picture not only of the individual skill of Masnick on the ice but also demonstrated to a great extent that the spirit and ability of the entire Canadiens team at that time were high. With his contribution, the team won the Stanley Cup in 1953, and the invaluable contribution of Masnick to this success was imprinted in the annals of hockey history.
Masnick scored 18 times in the opponents' goal during NHL regular-season games and added another four goals to his account during Stanley Cup games.
His great contribution in the sport of ice hockey, particularly in the victory of the Canadiens in 1953, would always inspire players to every game and fans in a single moment of their celebration. Reflecting on the career and contributions of Masnick, one will have to say that the impact he left in the sport was far more than the goals scored or matches won.
While Paul Andrew Masnick may be gone from the ice, the legacy he has left behind has been one of courage and strength, forever to be emulated as a shining beacon to those who will appreciate and love what this great game teaches.
The OTB team's thoughts are with his relatives and family during this difficult time, as we mourn his passing.
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Paul Andrew Masnick, 1953 stanley cup winner has passed away

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