Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jake Walman celebrating with the griddy
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NHL Issues Multiple Warnings After Defenseman Breaks The Code

Published February 13, 2024 at 9:18

The code has been at the top of every discussion this past weekend and now it seems like the NHL will be issuing another warning following a disrespectful gesture.

Jake Walman's Penalty Shot Sparks Controversy

In a recent game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks, defenseman Jake Walman of the Red Wings found himself at the center of attention for his celebration.

During overtime, Walman was awarded a penalty shot against the Canucks, which he successfully converted into his 11th goal of the season. However, it was his subsequent celebration, known as the 'griddy', that stirred controversy.

NHL Issues Warnings to The Canucks And Red Wings

In the aftermath of the incident involving Walman, insider Elliotte Friedman disclosed that both the Canucks and the Red Wings are likely to face warnings from the NHL.

Elliotte mentions both teams will probably be warned before the game this week since the Rielly incident happened.

The NHL appears to be entering a new phase where the enforcement of the unwritten rules of the game may be punished more harshly than anything else.

Fans will look forward to the next game between the two teams as the Canucks will certainly have not forgotten what Walman did.

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NHL Issues Multiple Warnings After Defenseman Breaks The Code

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