Patrik Laine Furious Over Disrespectful Remarks Regarding His Mental Health

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February 12, 2024  (10:38 PM)

Columbus Blue Jackets Right Winger Patrik Laine
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Hockey has a reputation for being a very masculine, aggressive sport that can have a dramatic effect on the player's physical health. However, these players can still suffer from mental health issues on and off the ice that can harm their game. Yet, when these situations occur, there is no excuse for making light of any competitor's personal issues, which is exactly what one podcast is under scrutiny for doing.

Blue Jackets Podcast Under Fire For Offensive Remarks About Patik Laine's Mental Health

Patrik Laine of the Columbus Blue Jackets announced last month that he needed to take a step back from the league. After losing his father in 2021, this Blue Jackets right-winger and not having much time away from the game, it is no surprise Laine made plans to return to enter the Player Assistance Program and return to Finland to fully recuperate.
"Patrik Laine (@BlueJacketsNHL) to receive care from the Player Assistance Program of the @NHL and @NHLPA."

However, the B&B Round Table Podcast, a small-time podcast about the Columbus Blue Jackets, recently uploaded a video in which one member made an incredibly inappropriate joke about Patrik Laine's current mental state. The apparent co-host Zach referred to this leave as Laine wanting a "Remington retirement," which can only be described as appalling.

Patrik Laine Responds To Disgusting Podcast Comments

After a user on X shared a clip of the video, Laine took the time to respond to the horrific remarks made on the B&B Round Table Podcast. What was originally a tiny podcast, has now become a widely-known, and widely-hated among Blue Jackets fans.
"Patrik Laine has spoken out on X(twitter) after a podcast came out called 'BNB Round Table' where someone named 'Zach' decided it was okay to make a joke about Laine's mental health.

The joke, specifically, can be found on Laine's X. But they refer to him contemplating 'Remington Retirement' which is a referral to s**cide."

Disgraced Podcasters Try To Backtrack Remarks On Line's Mental Health

Since the original video was posted and heavily criticized, the members of and leadership at B&B Round Table have since pulled the video down and have released numerous posts on X explaining their actions or distancing themselves from the situation. The official X account for the podcast has shared their newest upload intended to apologize to Laine.
"Official Statement from B&B"

In this video, 'LIL Boomer' opened the apology to Laine, fans, and those close to people in the podcast, announcing that he is taking time to step away. He then extended the mic to the co-host 'SC Steve,' who announced his apologies to the Laine family, and stated he would be donating to their charity.
"I am making a personal donation to Patrick Laine's charity that he has set up through the CBJ Foundation for Mental Health. It's important. It's something that I need to do."

Zach also had the opportunity to make the comments himself, expressing that he would also be stepping away from hockey to focus on self-betterment, as well as making a donation to the charity himself. Though they cannot take back the words they have already said, this may bring more light to mental health in the NHL, and hopefully provide fans an important learning experience.
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Patrik Laine Furious Over Disrespectful Remarks Regarding His Mental Health

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