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Former Corey Perry's Teammate Shares Funniest Story About Him

Published February 13, 2024 at 0:13

The Oilers have had a very dynamic season thus far. Starting slow, the team has now made their way back to 11th in the league overall. Yet, as Edmonton makes a comeback, former teammate Ryan Whitney shared some pretty interesting details on one of their current players.

Former Teammate Shares Hilarious Details About Corey Perry

In a recent edition of OilersNation, former Oiler and current member of the Spittin Chiclets podcast shared something strange about Corey Perry. This right-winger is not only suspicious but potentially the most so in the league.

"Corey Perry, one of the most superstitious players Ryan Whitney got to play with 😳 -

In this video, Whitney details some of Perry's rituals, that would only conclude when he would hit the ice.

"Up to the minute pre-game, Perry was doing the exact same thing. I'm talking when the shin pad goes on, when he takes a bite of the protein bar. It's kind of exhausting I would imagine."

Superstious Player Still Praised For Gameplay

Though he has a history of superstitious behavior, Corey Perry is still considered a star player. This 38-year-old hockey veteran is now heavily decorated and was described by Whitney as 'perfect' for the team.

"Then on the ice, we're talking about... kind of a perfect addition. Playoff type player, can play up and down the lineup."

Now, with Edmonton third in the Pacific division, there is no debate on whether or not Perry is helping the Oilers regain their season. While the help these superstitions provide is still under question, it may be time for other players to begin some rituals of their own.

As seen on Former Oiler Ryan Whitney shares the weirdest thing about Corey Perry as a player
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Former Corey Perry's Teammate Shares Funniest Story About Him

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