Patrick Kane's Next Team has Been Revealed

Graham Montgomery
November 8, 2023  (7:07 PM)

One of the reoccurring stories this season in the NHL has been where will Patrick Kane sign. As The season inches along we are slowly getting more information from Kane, giving us an idea of when and where he might sign.

Kane Engaged With NHL Teams, Interviewing Coaches

Today it came out that Kane has officially begun the process of talking to teams and doing interviews. Kane's agent Pat Brisson described the situation succinctly.
"We're starting to speak with teams about the opportunities, talking to coaches and GMs. It's kind of like the interview period we used to have for July 1. That's what we're starting to do here."

Kane is currently recovering from offseason hip resurfacing surgery. It is known as a particularly tough operation for athletes to recover from. Washington's Nik Backstrom had the surgery in the previous offseason and now he's stepped away from hockey due to health concerns likely brought up in the aftermath of his procedure. That being said, Kane is reportedly close to being back to 100% healthy and he still wants to play professional hockey. NHL insider Chris Johnston discussed a few places he could sign.

NHL Insider Lists Teams Kane Could Sign Contract With

Johnston listed the following teams as possibilities for Patrick Kane in an article for the Athletic today; New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, and Toronto Maple Leafs.
Johnston did not indicate which team might be a favorite at this point but he did note that the Maple Leafs are a long-shot to land the two-time cup winner.
"Admittedly a longer-shot contender in this process, the possibility can't be ruled out entirely."

It seems like there is interest there from the Leafs but the team's cap situation might make a deal impossible. Johnston also noted that the Sabres would have the easiest time of these teams in signing Kane thanks to their cap flexibility.
"From a cap perspective, the Sabres also have the ability to simply sign Kane, with no other roster moves necessary, and they could even do so while leaving space for further additions later in the year."

The Insider also pointed out a few connections Kane has to individuals within the Sabres organization, as well as the city itself given it is where Kane was born and raised.
"Beyond that, Kane has ties to key people inside the organization — having played under Buffalo head coach Don Granato when Granato was an assistant in Chicago, and having roomed with Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams when they were teammates during Kane's rookie season in 2007-08."

Reportedly, Kane's top priority is winning so he will likely choose a team where he feels like he has the best chances of winning a cup. In that case, a reunion with the Rangers may be in order as the rest of the teams on this list are either underperforming or have unclear futures this season.
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Patrick Kane's Next Team has Been Revealed

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