Logan Cooley's Showstopper Goal Missed by Sleeping Fans

Published September 23, 2023 at 10:00

Logan Cooley Shines in Melbourne Showdown

In an unconventional setting for an NHL game, the Los Angeles Kings and Arizona Coyotes squared off in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the time zone difference, puck drop was at a bleary 12:00 am Eastern Time.

While many fans were catching their z's, those who tuned in witnessed a memorable performance from Logan Cooley.

Cooley's Jaw-Dropping Goal

Midway through the second period, Cooley, who was the Coyotes' 3rd overall pick in the 2022 Entry Draft, delivered a masterclass in skill. The goal he scored might already be a contender for "Goal of the Year". Check it out here:

Cooley: A Rising Star in the NHL

No stranger to the limelight, Cooley has consistently made headlines with his standout performances at every stage of his career. His recent move against the Kings' defense was nothing short of mesmerizing.

With a deft Spin-O-Rama, Cooley weaved through a defender, darted to the inside, and expertly shot past the Kings' goaltender even as he lost his balance.


While it's just the onset of training camp, games in unique locations like Australia often feature nearly complete NHL rosters, providing fans with top-tier action.

Cooley's sensational goal is a testament to the high-level play and the exciting season ahead.

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Logan Cooley's Showstopper Goal Missed by Sleeping Fans

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