NHL Reportedly Considering Hosting Outdoor Game in Mexico City

Published September 22, 2023 at 7:34 PM

As the NHL continues to bring the game to unusual markets, they are now supposedly considering hosting an outdoor game in Mexico City.

Bringing The Game To More People Can Only Be a Good Thing

Hosting games in unique locations is nothing new to the NHL. In fact, the NHL is currently in Melbourne Australia, where the LA Kings and Arizona Coyotes are hosting a series of pre-season matchups for all the beauties down under.

Why shouldn't they be able to enjoy the sport in places like this? Sure, maintaining an NHL-level building in a place where the average temperature during the day never falls below 22 degrees Celsius might not be the easiest thing to do, but we already have teams in hotter places like Arizona and Vegas.

Would the NHL Ever Consider Expanding to Mexico City?

Hosting a single major event like this could raise interest in the sport in Mexico and if everything goes well, maybe the league will consider doing more events there. If those events continue to go well, who knows, maybe the league will even consider putting an expansion team there. This is just pure speculation of course.

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September 22   |   143 answers
NHL Reportedly Considering Hosting Outdoor Game in Mexico City

Will the NHL ever expand to Mexico City?

Yes3725.9 %
No10674.1 %
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