Dubas Gives Penguins Goalies Mandate About Gear?

Published September 22, 2023 at 9:22 PM

During Kyle Dubas's time in Toronto stories would occasionally come about that he was being limited either by the ownership group, Brendan Shanahan, or both. Now that he's with the Penguins organization, it seems he may have a lot more freedom with how he wants to manage the team. He's already made one monster move in acquiring Erik Karlsson from the San Jose Sharks.

His next move? Something that perhaps makes some sense, but is a lot less conventional than trading for a reigning Norris trophy winner.

Penguins Goalies Must Wear All White Gear In Upcoming Season

According to the PensInsideScoop twitter account, all Penguins goalies have been instructed to wear all white gear this season. You can see in the tweet below that Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry is sporting new pads that are almost entirely white, with just a little yellow and black accent near the boot.

Some have argued that all white gear can be beneficial to goalies as the shooter often has less contrast between the target they are shooting at and the background so it can more difficult to see exactly where the pad ends and the empty space begins. That being said though, the benefit to goalies is probably very small. Perhaps it may be better for teams to simply let their goalies rock some awesome pads. Afterall, if the New York Rangers had this rule, then we would have never gotten this set from Henrik Lundqvist.


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Dubas Gives Penguins Goalies Mandate About Gear?

Should goalies be allowed to wear any pad design they like?

Yes, as long as it is team colors27462.3 %
No6314.3 %
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