Former Rangers Defenseman Ejected From Liiga Game Following Allegations

Published September 22, 2023 at 10:54 PM

Finland's top professional hockey league, Liiga, kicked off the 2023-24 season this week but one former NHLer seems to have started off on the wrong skate this year.

Former Ranger Tarmo Reunanen Ejected From Liiga Game

Earlier today, former Rangers Defensman Tarmo Reunanen was ejected from his match against KalPa for what is being called tasteless language.

What exactly Reunanen said remains unclear, but his team did put out a statement regarding this matter.*

"Rauma Lukko does not accept racism in any form. It is in the interest of the entire Liiga community that inappropriate behavior stays away from the rink - that's why the ejection was completely justified. We trust and expect that the League's disciplinary delegation will deal with the case thoroughly."

*Post translated from Finnish

It sounds like Liiga teams, or at least Lukko, take these matters very seriously as statements like this are relatively rare, at least in North American sports.

Reunanen, 25, is a former 4th round pick of the Rangers, having been picked in 2016 and having played just four games at the NHL level during the 2020-21 season.

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Former Rangers Defenseman Ejected From Liiga Game Following Allegations

What kind of punishment should Reunanen face if these accusations are true?

Fine3018.5 %
Suspension(1-3 games)4628.4 %
Suspension(4-10 games)3622.2 %
Suspension (11+ games)5030.9 %
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