Unusual Activity At The Boston Bruins Game Could Indicate A Big Trade With The Edmonton Oilers

Published November 28, 2023 at 6:49 PM

Last night there were some unusual people at the Boston Bruins game. Having these individuals in attendance could hint at a major trade upcoming.

Unusual Activity At The Boston Bruins Game

The Boston Bruins played the Columbus Blue Jackets last night. What was considered a run-of the-mill regular season game quickly caught the attention of the NHL community.

Large number of scouts here tonight for #CBJ vs #NHLBruins ... three from the Oilers.

The Oilers reportedly had the largest contingent in attendance at this game. This could mean that the Oilers and the Bruins are engaged in potential trade talks. The Oilers and Bruins have been linked in these rumors before today but this news only intensified things.

NHL Analyst Provides Mock Trade That Lands The Oilers A Goalie

With the Oilers and Bruins linked as trade partners let's look back at a mock trade put together by ESPN analyst John Buccigross. Bucci as he is affectionately known put together a package that would land the Bruins Leon Draisaitl.

Ryan, would you trade Draisaitl and Foegele for...last years Vezina winner, DeBrusk, Poitras, Lysell and a 2026 1st rounder? The Central Registry would approved this proposed trade for cap and roster implications.

The trade laid out in a more formal format looks like this.

To Boston: Leon Draisaitl, Warren Foegele

To Edmonton: Linus Ullmark, Jake DeBrusk, Matthew Poitras, Fabian Lysell, 2026 First-Round Pick

The Bruins get the superstar center they have reportedly been searching for since the retirements of Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci. They lose several young cost-controlled assets in the process as well as a Vezina-winning goalie. This would be a big risk for the Bruins but could end in a big payoff.

This would be considered a massive haul for the Oilers. They get a bonafide number-one goalie in Ullmark. A top-six forward in Debrusk. Another middle-six center with a massive upside Matthew Poitras. As well as the Bruins' top forward prospect Fabian Lysell and a first-round pick.

Both teams get assets that they have been clamoring for all season. It does come at the risk of getting rid of a better asset in the process. This would shake the NHL world to its core and change the foundation of the league if it were to go down.

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Unusual Activity At The Boston Bruins Game Could Indicate A Big Trade With The Edmonton Oilers

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