Former NHLer Slams Player Assistance Program and Calls Them Monsters

Published November 28, 2023 at 5:47 PM

The NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance program has been mentioned quite a few times over the past five or so years. In fact, two players, Milan Lucic and Samuel Girard, entered it this month.

Former NHL Goaltender Calls NHL Player Assistance 'Monsters'

Not everyone is a big fan, though. Scott Darling, a former NHL goaltender who won a Stanley Cup with his hometown Chicago Blackhawks, used some very strong language while encouraging any current players to seek help on their own if they need it.

"F--k them," said Darling, referring to the Player Assistance program.

I've told players that, like, what I went through, if you need help, do it on your own. Don't ever go through the PA."

Darling indicated the Player Assistance program can do things like "break your contract", and insisted "they are really bad people."

"And I'll say this honestly, and I hope you guys f--kin' hear this, they're monsters."

Former NHLer Scott Darling Slams NHL Player Assistance Program

Darling hit big heights with the Blackhawks in 2015 after replacing Antti Raanta as backup for Chicago for the remainder of the season. He also pulled off some major theatrics in the playoffs, replacing Corey Crawford in net during a game, and going on a historic streak of keeping the puck out of the net for Chicago to beat Nashville in overtime. After that, his career fizzled quickly and he's since said there were major mental health issues that he had to deal with.

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Former NHLer Slams Player Assistance Program and Calls Them Monsters

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