Chicago Blackhawks GM Provides an Update on why Corey Perry was Released

Published November 28, 2023 at 6:20 PM

It doesn't answer every question, but it certainly does shed some light on the situation. We also now know we can put one major rumour to rest.

Corey Perry's released Addressed by Blackhawks GM

After putting Corey Perry on waivers today for the purpose of terminating his contract, the rumour mill was hot with what Perry might have been done to get himself canned. Davidson addressed one major rumour right away.

"This does not involve any player or their families, and anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and it's frankly disgusting."

At the same time, Davidson said he couldn't get into specifics, but called what happened a "workplace matter."

"Kyle Davidson saying Corey Perry's contract termination was about a 'team incident' and was a 'team decision.'

The most I can disclose is that we learned about it when [the Blackhawks] were in Columbus.

Wouldn't say if the matter involved a team/organization employee." - Kristen Shilton


Blackhawks Release More Information on Corey Perry incident

Davidson was visibly shaken up at the news conference, and blamed himself for things getting out of hand.

"Over the last 24 hours, what's gone on has been very disturbing and I feel like I'm carrying that. It's really tough to see."

"We went through the process as quickly as we could in order to run a responsible investigation."

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Chicago Blackhawks GM Provides an Update on why Corey Perry was Released

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