Sam Reinhart elbowing Erik Gustafsson in the head during a game.
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Insider calls out George Parros and NHL Player Safety for missed call

Published April 1, 2024 at 10:14

This NHL insider just called out the NHL and Player Safety for a brutal miss-call on the Florida Panthers, making some serious accusations against the league.

The NHL's Department of Player Safety is seemingly under fire a lot and has had some prominent figures call them out for a lack of consistent enforcement. Now, they have New York Post writer and Rangers Insider Larry Brooks calling them out for missed calls during the Rangers versus Panthers game.

During the game, Panthers' Sam Reinhart had a questionable hit that went uncalled on the Rangers' Erik Gustafsson. Reinhart's elbow connected with Gustafsson's head, however, there was no call made on the ice, and no review of the play after the game.

Here is what Brooks had to say about the incident.

I guess Erik Gustafsson isn't important enough for George Parros and the NHL Department of Player Safety to protect.

The Panthers are known to be a chippy team, and while the play itself doesn't look entirely intentional, its clear that Reinhart was being reckless with the way he swung his body around and his elbows. This resulted in direct contact with Gustafsson's head, and with the hit located near the boards, it could have been a lot worse. Gustafsson has been out with an upper-body injury.

Whether or not you agree, is another question. Brooks obviously feels like the Department of Player Safety has dropped the ball and is failing to protect its players.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Insider slams Player Safety for not protecting players.
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Insider calls out George Parros and NHL Player Safety for missed call

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