Massive Fight Breaking Out Between The Florida Panthers And The Tampa Bay Lightning
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Massive Fight Breaks Out Between Panthers And Lightning

Published March 16, 2024 at 11:10 PM

Tonight's game between the Tampa Bay Lightning has become one the most dynamic this season to watch. This can be largely attributed to a massive fight that broke out after one player made an illegal head check, negating a goal.

Kulikov Causes Fighting Frenzy On The Ice

During the second period, Dmitry Kulikov of the Panthers trucked right into the head of Conor Sheary of the Lightning during a goal attempt. This negated a goal and earned a match penalty for the Florida player.

"Major penalty on Kulikov for this hit on Sheary negates the goal and it stays 3-0."

However, the response did not stop there, as it ultimately resulted in a massive fight between a large number of players from both teams.

"The Panthers score and all hell breaks loose 😳👊"

Fans Split On Kulikov Hit Reaction

While it is clearly a massive check to the head, fans are split on whether this was intentional or not. Many fans are skeptical of this being an accident based on the Panthers having built a reputation as an abrasive team. However, others see this situation as an unfortunate mistake.

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Massive Fight Breaks Out Between Panthers And Lightning

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