Former NHL great Wayne Gretzky speaking about the sport on television.
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Wayne Gretzky confirms why he never scored a goal between his legs

Published March 31, 2024 at 6:44 PM

Today the NHL has only game on the schedule. As a result, the TNT crew including Wayne Gretzky are in the studio in the United States. During the broadcast, Wayne Gretzky broke down why he never went for a between-the-legs goal

The Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks are the Easter game this year being broadcast all around the world. In the United States, the game is on TNT. This means the great one Wayne Gretzky is one of the analysts. During the game, the topic of Trevor Zegras' fancy goals came up.

During the discussion about Trevor Zegras, Wayne Gretzky spoke about why he never tried any of the fancy shots between the legs and such that Trevor Zegras would.

Wayne never tried the between the legs move in the NHL and he has a good reason why

Wayne Gretzky takes a savage shot at the NHL stars of today. He says the reason he never went for a between-the-legs shot is because it never gave him the best chance to score.

Is Wayne Gretzky taking a shot at today's generation or himself?

This is a wild shot at the players of today or could be seen as a dig at himself. Either Wayne Gretzky is saying that players today overcomplicate the game and make things harder for themselves or that players today are more talented than he was and can pull off moves with better success.

Either way, we now have an answer as to why Wayne Gretzky was never seen pulling off crazy dekes during his career. No one can argue with the results either as he leads in basically every meaningful offensive statistical category all-time.
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Wayne Gretzky confirms why he never scored a goal between his legs

Do you think Wayne Gretzky is calling out today's players for being too fancy or himself for not being fancy enough?

Today's players7854.9 %
Himself6445.1 %
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