NHL Top Agent calls out Gary Bettman and Officiating in Viral Rant

Published October 29, 2023 at 11:45

This leading agent voiced his concerns about NHL officiating on X, calling out Gary Bettman on the side.

Allan Walsh Points Finger at Bettman and the NHL


Walsh published several posts on X last night about the NHL and the officiating.

He believes that the quality of officiating in the NHL is lacking and that this issue should be highlighted.

NHL officiatingman oh man. Incompetent or intentional?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

Walsh didn't stop there. He directly mentioned Gary Bettman, pointing out that while Bettman might be able to keep coaches and GMs in check, agents remain outspoken.

Gary Bettman summoned all 32 GM's/Head Coaches to a meeting in Chicago this year just before training camp and sternly warned coaches against any public comments criticizing officials.

Too bad Gary can't control what agents say.

NHL officiating is a smoking pile of HOT GARBAGE!

A lot of Controversy Surrounding NHL Refs


While it's normal to disagree with referees sometimes, there seems to be a shared sentiment that this year, it's worse than ever. Moreover, many criticize the NHL's approach to its officiating issues.

never forget the nhl's response to its shitty officiating was telling coaches to stop criticizing its shitty officials

Not even the right call, if this were in fact a penalty.

NHL officiating is just dismal right now.

It's doubtful we'll hear any official response from the NHL, given its history of standing by its officials.

As seen on House of Hockey - Top Agent Calls Gary Bettman Out For Poor Officiating
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NHL Top Agent calls out Gary Bettman and Officiating in Viral Rant

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