Major: Evander Kane In Big Trouble After Patrick Marleau's Wife Exposes Him

Published October 28, 2023 at 9:45 PM

Evander Kane has always been a player with a questionable reputation. Now his future is even less clear as the wife of on of his former teammates revealed potentially illegal activities that he was involved in.

Marleau Exposes Kane

Cristina Marleau, wife of Patrick Marleau, made a shocking statement about Kane on her Instagram story today. Apparently, Kane's ex Anna asked Cristina to make the statement for legal reasons as Anna and Evander are currently in a legal battle. The Statement itself revealed some very questionable activities that Kane was involved in while also implicating another former Shark.


Kane Was A Bad Influence On Younger Sharks

Perhaps the most worrisome part of the statement is the part where Kane and another Shark take an unnamed substance. The other player, reportedly one of the younger players on the team, apparently left the house in the middle of the night and went missing for 'several hours throughout the night.'

Cristina also revealed that former Sharks defenseman, Ryan Merkley, was a babysitter for Kane on multiple instances. It is unclear why this information would be relevant to the legal case unless Merkley is the unnamed younger player mentioned in the previous story. Merkley played 39 games for the sharks during the 2021-22 season.


Kane has three years left on his current contract with the Edmonton Oilers. He's already had one contract terminated in his career and it seems like legal issues could potentially interfere with his future in the NHL.
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Major: Evander Kane In Big Trouble After Patrick Marleau's Wife Exposes Him

Will Kane's legal trouble prevent him from finishing his contract with the Oilers?

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