Evander Kane and Tyler Tucker Throwing Fists
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Evander Kane Drops the Gloves and Takes Down Tyler Tucker

Published April 2, 2024 at 9:56

During the showdown between the Edmonton Oilers and St. Louis Blues last night at Enterprise Stadium, fans got the chance to see another Evander Kane fight after he dropped the gloves with Tyler Tucker.

Evander Kane has gotten into trouble with his team several times over the past season, prompting many to be concerned that his time with the Oilers may be out sooner than later. The weight of this could only have gotten worse for him after he had his first goal in 20 games waived for it being a hig-stick.

"evander kane appears to score his first goal in 20 games, but it's quickly waived off."

"After video review, it remains no goal for Evander Kane due to a high stick. Still 1-0, Oilers."

However, a heated Kane may have driven the wedge between him and the team even further after taking 24-year-old Blues defenseman Tyler Tucker down during the second period.

"Evander Kane and Tyler Tucker going AT IT 🥊"

Kane pulled off Tucker's helmet, the deciding factor in his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He tried to hold his own, but without the same fighting experience, he was an easy beat for the Oilers defenseman. Fans were aware of this, and are generally not too impressed.

"Tyler Tucker is trying his best to make an impression with a fight against Evander Kane. There's some snarl, and Kane gets an extra two for unsportsmanlike conduct. Blues power play coming up."

Kane's fight unfortunately is only in vain, as the Blues took down the Oilers in overtime. St Louis is now 15th in the league while Edmonton is now in 9th.
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Evander Kane Drops the Gloves and Takes Down Tyler Tucker

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