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OMHA Player Suspended For Firing Back at Opponent's Racial Slur

Published April 1, 2024 at 10:07 PM

In an unfortunate circumstance, one 16-year-old OMHA player has received a multi-game suspension after firing back at a member of the opposing team who called him a racial slur.

JJ Jacobs of the Under-18 New Hamburg Junior Firebirds has had a rough few weeks after he was caught in an altercation with a member of the opposing team and both subsequently suspended for seven games. The young defenseman alleged that he was called racial slurs by the offender, and called him out for this.

"The Ontario Minor Hockey Association suspended a Under-18 player for 7 games last week after an investigation corroborated an allegation the player said, 'good job black boy n----.'
Jordan Jacobs, the U18 New Hamburg Jr Firebirds defenceman who was targeted with the racial slur, responded by calling the other player a 'racist piece of s---.'
Jacobs was also suspended for 7 games."

Both players getting a 7-game suspension upset fans but upset the player's mother Patti Jacobs even more. After the news was first announced, she revealed that this was one of several incidents of other players directing racially offensive remarks at her son, and shared her gratitude towards everyone speaking up about the incident.

"It's been heartbreaking. The one positive have been how many people in our organization have been supportive of Jordan finally using his voice. But then look what happens. He uses his voice instead of violence and still he gets seven games."

Thankfully when interrogated on the reasoning for delivering the same punishment, the executive director of the OMHA reduced the penalty to three days. His comments on the suspension, however, left something to be desired.

"We have zero tolerance for discriminatory slurs of any kind... We have also been consistent throughout the year in trying to discourage any form of retaliation from our participants that involves derogatory or disrespectful behaviour or language..."

While we can appreciate a lighter sentence, it's clear that the OMHA never learned the definition of "zero tolerance." Fans everywhere have called out this situation for the disaster it is, addressing the need for change in how discriminatory matters are handled.

While those in the world of hockey spare few apologies, the OMHA certainly owes one to JJ Jacobs and his family. With any hope, the backlash they have endured will cause them to make some necessary changes to their suspension guidelines to make every type of player feel safe on the ice.
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OMHA Player Suspended For Firing Back at Opponent's Racial Slur

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