Taylor Raddysh Checking Connor Hellebuyck
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Blackhawks Player Called For Dangerous Hit On Connor Hellebuyck's Head

Published February 23, 2024 at 11:20 PM

The NHL is full of fights and injuries, and all of this is expected in the most aggressive hockey league in the world. This sometimes goes overboard, just as in tonight's game between Chicago and Winnipeg.

Hellebuyck Down After Hit To the Head

In tonight's game between the Blackhawks and the Jets, Connor Hellebuyck found himself in a precarious place after Chicago's Taylor Raddysh started skating by the crease. Hellebuyck could not avoid this collision and took a rough hit to the head. With more of the game left on the clock, the Jets could have been in trouble without their goaltender.

"Connor Hellebuyck is down after being hit in the head by Taylor Raddysh, who was skating by the crease and caught him up high."

Raddysh Thrown Out After Reckless Play

Thankfully, Hellebuyck was able to get back up and continue playing. Although this situation could have ended much worse, the 26-year-old right-winger still could have avoided this play and has been widely criticized for his reckless play.

"Taylor Raddysh clips Connor Hellebuyck's head as he skates in front of the net untouched. A reckless play by Raddysh as he went in front for a screen. He's heading to the box and Connor Hellebuyck is back up on his feet. The #NHLJets are going to the power play."

As a result of this infraction, Raddysh received a two-minute minor penalty. With Chicago still at the bottom of this league, this can only mean more scrutiny for this team.

"Taylor Raddysh gets a 2 minute penalty for an illegal check to the head of Connor Hellebuyck"

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Blackhawks Player Called For Dangerous Hit On Connor Hellebuyck's Head

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