The Jets' Owner Fears The Team's Future Could Be At Risk Following A Controversial Comment

Tyler Ball
February 23, 2024  (5:36 PM)

Winnipeg Jets Owner and Chairman Mark Chipman addressing the media.
Photo credit: National Post

The Winnipeg Jets have been in the news a lot this week and the idea has been floated that they could be relocated. The relocation talks come after low attendance all season. Today a part of the ownership group made a statement on the situation.

Jets Struggle To Sell Tickets Despite Their Success On The Ice

In the last several days reports have come out about the Winnipeg Jets lack of attendance this season. Insider Chris Johnston pointed out recently that the Jets have dropped 30% in attendance in the last 3 seasons.
Chris Johnston on Insider Trading says NHL is monitoring the situation in Winnipeg, they have seen an above 30% drop in the last 3 years in their ticket base. Gary Bettman will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday to meet with some of the team's important corporate sponsors.

The drop in attendance when isolated would be alarming add in the fact that the Jets have been a contending team this whole time and it becomes disturbing. These rumblings have been further amplified by a Winnipeg Jets owner who spoke out today.

Jets' Owner Fears The Team's Future Could Be At Risk

This afternoon the Winnipeg Jets owner Mark Chipman spoke about the situation. Instead of being optimistic or encouraging about the state of the team, he set off even more concern.
Jets chairman Mark Chipman believes the team's future in Winnipeg could be in jeopardy if their attendance doesn't improve, according to a recent TSN report.

«It's not going to work over the long haul.»

After talking about how this is not a viable thing to go through long term Chipman gets specific. He says that the organization needs to get back to 13,000 fans every night.
«I wouldn't be honest with you if I didn't say, ‘We've got to get back to 13,000,'» Chipman said. «This place we find ourselves in right now, it's not going to work over the long haul. It just isn't.»

With Gary Bettman in Winnipeg this week the team and he will likely talk about the future of the organization. A plan will be put in place to get fans coming back to the games and supporting a very good hockey team going forward.
If the plans put in place do not work out then the Jets could be leaving Winnipeg once again.
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The Jets' Owner Fears The Team's Future Could Be At Risk Following A Controversial Comment

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