REPORT: Friedman Drops Major Connor Hellebuyck News

Published September 8, 2023 at 12:02

Insider Elliotte Friedman has revealed some major Connor Hellebuyck news regarding his future with the Jets.

Major Hellebuyck News

On the 32 Thoughts Podcast that was released today, Elliotte Friedman had some major news to reveal regarding Connor Hellebuyck.

"As the summer has progressed there seems to be some thought that Hellybuyck might stay there"

While everybody is currently speculating on Hellebuyck and his next team, Friedman has revealed that the Jets and Hellebuyck could potentially work out an extension.

This was not the end of it though as Friedman also said this:

«I've just been told that the word on Hellybuyck is he has an open mind and he's prepared to just listen to what their thinking»


What This Means For The Jets

This ensures two things primarily. One is that the Jets aren't being forced to trade Hellebuyck. Two is that Hellebuyck could potentially extend with the Jets which would be massive.

He has priced himself at $9 million approximately and very few teams are going to be willing to pay that to a goaltender on the wrong side of 30. However, if the Jets can work out a shorter-term deal they can certainly make something work.

This also gives the Jets the flexibility to ask for Hellebuyck's true value as opposed to a depreciated ask trying to recoup assets. This will help ensure that if Hellebuyck is traded, it is for fair value.
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REPORT: Friedman Drops Major Connor Hellebuyck News

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