BREAKING: Joel Quenneville Officially Returns To The NHL

Published September 8, 2023 at 9:50

Joel Quenneville is making his NHL return and is speaking with every single GM in the NHL.

Quenneville Returns

Sportsnet reporter and NHL insider Eric Engles dropped some major news regarding Joel Quenneville today.

Here in Chicago, where NHL general managers and coaches are conducting a one-day meeting. Also in attendance are Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville, who will address the group at some point this morning.

Quenneville is in attendance at the NHL's GM and Coach convention. While he is not returning as a head coach yet, he has already been reinstated by Gary Bettman.

With Quenneville addressing every single GM and coach, it is likely that he will issue a statement and an apology which would be a major step in returning.

The coaching talent of Quenneville is unparalleled but the character concerns that come with him will be enough to deter many teams but some desperate enough will likely bring him back as a final attempt to turn things around.
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BREAKING: Joel Quenneville Officially Returns To The NHL

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