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Ryan Reaves Breaks Silence About Anticipated Rempe Faceoff

Published March 1, 2024 at 9:30 PM

The NHL is heating up as it approaches the playoffs, with players getting more aggressive and fights more common. However, some of the credit may be owed to a rookie who has recently made a name for himself in the league.

Matt Rempe Influences Entire League

Matt Rempe is a 6'7" rookie enforcer who has taken the world by storm for being one of the most aggressive fighters in the league. He made his NHL debut with the NEW York Rangers and immediately celebrated by starting a fight with Matt Martin from the New York Islanders.

"In front of 70.000 people in the outdoor game!!

Matt Rempe 6'7 240lbs
1st NHL Game
His first shift 1st second of on ice time
Gets into a great scrap with one of my favs Matt Martin
Hell of a day for the rookie!!"

Since then, Rempe has taken on Jonas Siegenthaler, Mathieu Olivier, and Nic Deslauriers, and still has only played five games. With his popularity on a massive surge, it was only a matter of time before another NHL fighter Ryan Reaves would speak on him.

Ryan Reaves Speaks On Anticipated Rempe Matchup

With the Rangers versus Maple Leafs game happening tomorrow, Reaves has finally had the opportunity to answer some interview questions on his thoughts on Matt Rempe. During this he praised him for how he is making a name for himself, and pointing out the similarities they have as players.

"It's a hot start for him, it's a good start... He's coming in the league, trying to make a name for himself, and you know any way he can. You know, that's how I came in."

However, when prompted about how the two of them could match up, he gave a sly grin, but could not give a sure answer on what the result would be.

«I don't have the game script, but you never know»

The two are both known for their aggressive style and ability to take down tough opponents. With the tension building towards the game tomorrow, it will be fascinating to see how events unfold.

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Ryan Reaves Breaks Silence About Anticipated Rempe Faceoff

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