Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jake Guentzel warming up for an away game.
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The Oilers Consider The Asking Price For Jake Guentzel To Be Ridiculous.

Published March 1, 2024 at 8:05 PM

Today a new report from an NHL insider has confirmed the asking price from the Pittsburgh Penguins for Jake Guentzel. The reported asking price has sent shockwaves through the NHL.

Insider Reveals Asking Price For Guentzel

ESPN insider Emily Kaplan went around the NHL today talking about various trade scenarios. One that got a lot of attention was Jake Guentzel. According to Kaplan, there is still significant interest in Guentzel and the price to acquire him has been revealed.

Interest in Jake Guentzel around the league hasn't waned at all, despite him being on injured reserve through the March 8 deadline. It still seems likely Guentzel is on the move. I've heard the asking price on Guentzel is multiple first-round picks (or a first-round pick and equivalent in top prospects or roster players).

With this steep of a price to be paid for Guentzel, there have been reports that some teams consider the price to be outrageous.

Rival GM Reveals His Thoughts On Guentzel's Asking Price

Emily Kaplan's report on Guentzel continued with a comment from a rival GM of the Penguins. According to the comment from the GM, the asking price for Guentzel is outright ridiculous.

One rival executive said «the Guentzel asking price is ridiculous.»

With an asking price like this, the Edmonton Oilers would need to be sure that they are a contender before giving up that much for a potential rental. GM Ken Holland would have a major decision to make along with his staff that would impact the future of the Oilers.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - Jake Guentzel's asking price revealed and teams claim it's «ridiculous» Would you pay this much for the Penguins' forward?
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The Oilers Consider The Asking Price For Jake Guentzel To Be Ridiculous.

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