Fans at a high school hockey game accidentally breaking the glass in celebration
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Fans Shattered Two Glass Panels in Excitement After Their Team Scored a Big Goal

Published March 1, 2024 at 4:38 PM

They don't call Minnesota the state of hockey for no reason. High School Hockey is just as important as any other sport including football, if not more important to fans in the state. Yesterday, they lived up to this reputation.

High School Fans Break Glass At Minnesota State Championship

The state has a complex tournament-style playoff format where teams ultimately compete for the coveted state championship. During one of the section final games last night, fans from the student section accidentally caused a huge delay when they broke multiple panels of glass banging on them after their team scored a big goal.

DOUBLE GLASS BREAK when the student section went too hard cellying a goal at the Minnesota State HS section final 🤯😱

One commentator online threw out the idea of giving the team a penalty for delay of game due to the fans causing such a disturbance in the flow of the game. However, no such penalty was awarded. A couple of fans did receive minor cuts though and they showed their injuries online following the crazy incident.

in the end, Rochester Century (the team who's fans broke the glass) made the state finals as they came up with a 4-1 upset victory over #1 Lakeville South.

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Fans Shattered Two Glass Panels in Excitement After Their Team Scored a Big Goal

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