Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Auston Matthews opens up on what caused his playoff absence

Published May 6, 2024 at 12:42

Auston Matthews missed several key games for the Maple Leafs in the playoffs, and he's addressed the issue that led to him being sidelined.

After getting William Nylander back, the Maple Leafs then dealt with the absence of Auston Matthews, and while some claimed it dated back to the regular season and others pointed to plays in this series, he's cleared all of that up in his exit interview.

Auston Matthews says he got "really sick" after Game 2 of the Bruins series, played in Game 3 and then took a "weird hit" in Game 4.

According to Matthews, he got really sick after game two before taking a weird hit in game four that didn't help his condition, with the team thankfully keeping the series alive in his absence before falling in game seven. This was another tough break for the Maple Leafs and Matthews, who believed they finally had the team to make a deep playoff run, but here we are seeing exit interviews while round two of the playoffs roll on.

Auston Matthews: «I got really sick before Game 2. Was trying to recover going into Game 3. In Game 4, I took a weird hit and couldn't go any longer. That is as detailed as I am going to get into it. It was tough. Really frustrating. Sucks. It was killing me to watch.»

It appears as though no long term damage is expected from the issue, but given how violent of a sport hockey is, things like this will happen, so Matthews will be hoping for better luck in the playoffs next season as Toronto still aim to break their Cup drought.

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Auston Matthews reveals the reason for his two-game absence
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Auston Matthews opens up on what caused his playoff absence

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