Jets May Pursue All-Canadian Trade for a Defenseman

Published October 16, 2023 at 12:28

The Winnipeg Jets seem to be stuck in limbo with their roster and need to shake things up if they hope to solidify themselves as playoff contenders. With trade partners in limited supply, the Jets will need to get creative with their options.

Inter-Canadian Deal

Spencer Lazary of The Hockey Writers suggests that Winnipeg could pursue Toronto's TJ Brodie should they seek to bolster their blueline. This potential deal would see Winnipeg ship out Brenden Dillon in favor of the upgraded Brodie.

To Toronto: Brenden Dillon, 2024 4th Round Pick
To Winnipeg: TJ Brodie (23% Retained)


While you can debate the effectiveness of this deal, it would certainly make sense for both sides.

Barely Works

Should this trade be executed at the trade deadline, the money would just barely work for both sides. At face value, Winnipeg would exceed the salary cap by acquiring Brodie, and Toronto would exceed the salary cap if they retained more than 24% of Brodie's contract.

This leaves a very small range where the money works for both sides if Toronto retains between 23-24% of Brodie's contract. The Leafs would end up losing about $50,000 in cap space by doing this deal, leaving them with $98,333 to work with.

Both sides would have to ask themselves if the cap headache is worth the deal for them and if so, when to pull the trigger.

As Seen on The Hockey Writers
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Jets May Pursue All-Canadian Trade for a Defenseman

Who would win this trade?

Toronto7022 %
Winnipeg14144.3 %
Fair Deal10733.6 %
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