Taylor Hall Reveals Connor Bedard Is Folding Under The Media's Pressure

Published October 16, 2023 at 10:14

The adjustment for any young player to the NHL is a hard one. You're in a professional environment for the first time, likely in a city you're unfamiliar with. Now imagine you're 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and hyped up to be the next superstar in hockey.

Media Starting to Affect Bedard

According to a recent interview with Blackhawks star Taylor Hall, all of the media hype surrounding young phenom Connor Bedard may be starting to get to him. Hall spoke about the issue recently, stating that while Bedard tries not to show it, the pressure can be a bit much.

"It can be a little much for him at times. He doesn't say that, but it feels like it is" - Taylor Hall

Hall certainly has a point, and considering the insane media coverage surrounding Bedard's first three NHL games in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Montreal respectively, you begin to see the bigger picture.

Everybody Chill Out

It's important for people to remember that Bedard is still a kid, and should be allowed to adjust to this new lifestyle without the external pressures of the media. Yes, dealing with reporters is a part of the job, but it shouldn't take a mental toll on the players, especially one as young as Bedard.

Hopefully, Bedard feels comfortable enough to speak up if things get to be too much for him.

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Taylor Hall Reveals Connor Bedard Is Folding Under The Media's Pressure

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