Pierre-Luc Dubois Comments On Why He Demanded A Trade Out Of Winnipeg

Wade Messier
October 16, 2023  (11:55)

If you follow hockey at all, you've likely heard the stories regarding Pierre Luc Dubois' (PLD) inability to stay content with his current team.

A Brief History

Originally drafted 3rd overall by Columbus, it didn't take long for the Quebecois center to become unhappy and request a trade. He was eventually dealt to Winnipeg in a massive trade for Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic.
While all seemed alright in Winnipeg at first, it once again didn't take long for Dubois to become unhappy with the situation around him, and he demanded a trade not long after his arrival.
While many speculated that Dubois wanted to play for his hometown Canadiens, including his own agent, that trade would never come to fruition. This summer, Dubois was dealt to Los Angeles in a large "sign and trade" deal.

Dubois Speaks Out

PLD recently spoke to The Athletic on his time in Winnipeg, and what drove him to seek a trade elsewhere. While many speculated that it was the city of Winnipeg itself and the team around him that caused his frustration, Dubois is asserting otherwise.
«I think, where I was going in my career and in my life I'm 25. I've said this before but eight years is a long time. I don't know how I'm going to feel in three years. But I felt like, for me, L.A. was a city that I could be happy in for the eight years of the contract. I could be happy playing here. I could be myself here. It was a hard decision to make but, like I said, I would never talk poorly about Winnipeg or say I didn't enjoy my time there because I did.»

So it wasn't Winnipeg, then?

«That's the main thing I would say if you asked me what I wanted people to understand: You can like two things at the same time. You can appreciate two different things at the same time. It's not that you choose one so you hate the other. That's what I think got misconstrued in the whole process.»

For Dubois, it was about finding a city where he could be happy with himself for the entire duration of his contract, and L.A. seemed to be a good match. While it's still relatively early into the season, Dubois seems to be enjoying his stay so far.
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Pierre-Luc Dubois Comments On Why He Demanded A Trade Out Of Winnipeg

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