Matthew Tkachuk Takes Aim at Canadian NHL Markets In Latest Interview

Published September 22, 2023 at 7:11 PM

If there is one thing everyone knows about Canada it's that they love their hockey. Canadian Hockey fans are arguably just as passionate about their sport as any one fanbase of an entire sport can be. That passion can lead to pain though as players on Canadian teams certainly face a lot more pressure and stress from the media and fans alike in their day-to-day lives.

Some players enjoy the challenge that brings. After all, who among us hasn't dreamt of scoring a big goal for our favorite team on Hockey Night In Canada with what feels like half the country watching us?

Not All Players Enjoy The Spotlight of Canadian Hockey Media

It has been well-known for quite some time that not all players enjoy playing in those big markets up north. One such player who has seemingly joined them is none other than Panthers superstar, and ex-Flame, Matthew Tkachuk.

When discussing the differences between playing in Calgary versus Florida, Tkachuk talked about what it takes to play in Canada and whether or not it was worth it for him.

"I know that they [Players in Canada] are mentally tough enough, and I know them well, and they've been able to handle it and have kept getting better and better in their careers each year. But I know, seeing it from afar, nothing against here, but I know I wouldn't want to deal with it on any given day."

Is it Really Easier to Play in Smaller Markets?

Matthew Tkachuk was nothing short of a superstar in Calgary but he really came into his own in Florida this past season setting career highs in assists, points, power-play goals, power-play assists, and assists per 60 minutes. He missed his single-season goal record by just two tallies. Keep in mind he had a 104-point season in Calgary in the previous season, so it's not like these personal bests were easy to surpass.

If Tkachuk puts up similar numbers this season, it may be safe to say that at least for him, playing in a smaller market it better for his game.

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Matthew Tkachuk Takes Aim at Canadian NHL Markets In Latest Interview

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