Insider Reveals Real Reason Why Sean Couturier is Being Benched

TJ Tucker
March 23, 2024  (1:05 PM)

Sean Couturier, captain of the Philadelphia Flyers
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John Tortorella's decision to bench Philadelphia Flyers captain Sean Couturier over the past two games has been hotly debated on social media for the past 48 hours or so.

We're finally getting some further explanation on just what is causing Couturier to find himself in the coach's doghouse.

Sean Couturier sat out his first game as a healthy scratch against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday, a game the Philadelphia Flyers won 4-3. Following the win, reporters tried to pry more information out of John Tortorella on what may have influenced his decision. He wasn't having it.
"I'm not talking about Sean," said Tortorella, cutting off a reporter mid-question

Sean Couturier found himself a healthy scratch once again against the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday night. Again, no additional information was given.
However, we're now getting a sense of just what the issue is, and skating seems to be a massive factor. As reported by, Couturier is slowing down, and Tortorella is taking notice.
"If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say it has to do with [linemate Scott] Laughton's foot speed and being able to keep up with the pace Torts wants the team to play at.

Couturier's foot speed has visibly been an issue."

However, as pointed out by one analyst, it's not as though scratching the 31-year-old Sean Couturier will make him magically faster, and Couturier is locked in for a long time.
"Couturier is not going to magically get faster so if that's the issue, what's the plan for the next SEVEN years of his contract?"

According to TSN, John Tortorella has allowed Sean Couturier to return to the lineup tonight against the Boston Bruins.Couturier may want to skate his heart out if he's looking to stay there.
While Sean Couturier stressed it was John Tortorella's decision to sit him, and that he had no choice but to follow it, he wasn't necessarily ok with it.
"Definitely frustrated the way I have been treated lately, but it is what it is."

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Insider Reveals Real Reason Why Sean Couturier is Being Benched

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