Ryan Reaves Adapted His Equipment After His Fight With Deslauriers

Dawson McKenzie
March 23, 2024  (11:30)

Ryan Reaves during a game with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Ryan Reaves has just been spotted with a new equipment adaptation after he suffered an injury from a fight with Nicolas Deslauriers of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Fighting is having its moment in the NHL this year, as heavyweights are squaring up at center ice again, all inspired by up-and-coming fighter Matt Rempe. This has sparked other fighters to get into it on a more routine basis, and that is what happened between Ryan Reaves and Nicolas Deslauriers as they chose to square off at center ice.
Unfortunately for Reaves, he suffered an eye injury during the fight that forced him from the game. Now, Ryan Reaves has been spotted at practice wearing a new piece of protective equipment.
Ryan Reaves back on the ice ahead of Leafs practice

Missed Wednesday's game after taking a finger to the eye in the fight with Nicolas Deslauriers

Now wearing a visor

Ryan Reaves was vocal with the media about how much he hates wearing a visor.

Reaves is one of the few players who is still eligible to go without wearing a visor, as he was grandfathered in when the rule was enacted. That is likely the main reason why he was so vocal about his hatred of wearing one since he never has during his career.
Ryan Reaves has never worn a visor in the NHL

How'd it feel today?

"Horrible," he said with a big smile. "I hate it."

Max Domi chimes in, "He looks really good."

He will probably suck it up and wear it if it means he can keep his spot on the Leafs fourth line, though, as Reaves continues to battle for his spot in the lineup ahead of the playoffs. Head Coach Sheldon Keefe will have some interesting decisions to make about the Leafs' playoff lineup, not only for Ryan Reaves and the fourth line but also for the Leafs' blueline.
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Ryan Reaves Adapted His Equipment After His Fight With Deslauriers

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