Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella smirking at the referees
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Fans Upset With John Tortorella After Video Emerges Of Him Berating Flyers Rookie

Published March 2, 2024 at 7:36 PM

John Tortorella is not the kind of coach you want if you don't like being held accountable for mistakes in a very public way. Last night the coach showed this again as be laid into rookie forward Bobby Brink for a mistake which lead to a goal against.

Tortorella Yells At Rookie Forward For Selfish Play

The Flyers are in a tight playoff race for the 3rd spot in the Metro division. Last night the team dropped a critical game against the Washington Capitals, one of the teams chasing them. During the contest, John Tortorella went off on Bobby Brink for a mistake that cost the team a goal.

John Tortorella screaming at Bobby Brink (maybe?) after that goal against.

One fan astutely observed that the coach appeared to be yelling at him to get off the ice. Shifts in the NHL typically are about 45 seconds long but the 22-year-old was out there for nearly twice that time before John Carlson scored the go-ahead goal.

I don't think Torts is as pissed about the blown coverages as he is that Brink was out there way too long.

Looks like he's screaming «Get off the f****** ice»

The Flyers would go on to drop the game 5-2. The Capitals are now just four points back of the Flyers with two games in hand. With the playoff race being so tight, it is not clear how the Flyers will handle the trade deadline, although they could be poised to sell. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the team in the coming week as they could make some franchise-altering moves.

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Fans Upset With John Tortorella After Video Emerges Of Him Berating Flyers Rookie

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