Daniel Briere Furious after Colorado Avalanche Trade

Tom Banks
March 18, 2024  (8:24 PM)

Daniel Briere, GM of the Philadelphia Flyers.
Photo credit: The Athletic

Business between teams in the NHL is often done well, but sometimes, teams aren't so forthcoming with information, and that's what happened in a recent deal between the Philadelphia Flyers and Colorado Avalanche.

A great trade for both teams

At the trade deadline, the teams put together a deal that seemed to benefit both parties, with Colorado sending a 2025 first-round pick along with Ryan Johansen to the Flyers for defenseman Sean Walker and a fifth-round pick in the 2026 NHL Draft.
Upon arrival, Johansen was waived and sent to the AHL when he cleared waivers, and that should have been the end of it, but now, it appears as though the Avalanche weren't dealing in good faith.

A deal turned sour between two contending teams

Now however, more details have been revealed, with Flyers GM Daniel Briere revealing that Johansen has been struggling with a back injury that prevents him from being sent to the AHL, something they weren't notified of at the time of the deal.
"He claimed to be injured when we traded for him, so we had him see the doctors. They found an injury, so now he's going to be rehabbing. You can't send down a player who's injured, so he's going to be doing rehab until we don't know when. So, he's back on our roster doing rehab and trying to get better."

This is perhaps why the Flyers, who seemed poised to make another deal weren't able to do so, as they were expecting to have some cap space, but with the Avalanche not revealing this information, it threw a major spanner in the works.
Unsurprisingly, Briere, who was a fierce competitor on the ice is absolutely livid with the situation, and if it turns out that Briere is right about the situation and the team file an official complaint, it could force Colorado to send compensation Philly's way.
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Daniel Briere Furious after Colorado Avalanche Trade

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