Matt Rempe during a game for the New York Rangers, sporting two black eyes.
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Former Hockey Goon Sends a Stern Warning to Matt Rempe Through a Social Media Video

Published March 4, 2024 at 10:48

This former NHL goon has just sent a stern warning to Matt Rempe about his future through a video shared on social media.

Chris "Knuckles" Nilan Gives Warning to Rempe For Bad Form During Fights

Matt Rempe has taken the NHL by storm for his fights over the past few weeks. He has been in some massive heavy-weight bouts, reminiscent of old-school fights that have been rare to see these days.

With so many fights though as such a young player, Rempe has also been the subject of conversation about his health. Now, former enforcer Chris Nilan has given his thoughts on Rempe's fighting form, saying that he needs to improve or he will get hurt.

"This kid, I love his willingness and all that stuff, but he has bad technique," said Nilan. "He leaves himself wide open and he's going to get hurt again."

"I don't know if anybody is working with him... but he needs some help," said Nilan. "It's great to be willing but if you're seeing Tweety Birds out there every fight that's not a good thing."

Rempe Takes on Reaves at Center Ice During Saturday's Game Against the Leafs

Going into the game Saturday, there was a ton of hype that Rempe and Ryan Reaves would square up. They eventually did, with just a few minutes left in the third period. It was a spirited bout that saw both players land some big rights and was pretty much an even draw.

There is no question that Rempe will get better at fighting, especially as he learns the tricks of the trade. If he does, then he will definitely be a dangerous player.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Enforcer Chris «Knuckles» Nilan sends warning to Matt Rempe."
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Former Hockey Goon Sends a Stern Warning to Matt Rempe Through a Social Media Video

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