Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Sidney Crosby Opens Up About the Humiliating Defeat He Received from the Oilers

Published March 4, 2024 at 7:44

The Edmonton Oilers kept on rolling last night with a big 6-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins, in the meantime, seem completely incapable of getting their season back on track in a bid to make the post season, and it appears the losses are getting frustrating, even for the team's captain.

Crosby Reflects on Tough Loss to the Edmonton Oilers

Sidney Crosby, who is having an excellent season offensively despite Pittsburgh's problems, said after the game his team just wasn't good enough, and needs to find a way to move on.

"I think we had a tough loss, and I don't know if we did a good enough job of just moving by it. I think that you got to find a way even when it's one like that, to move by it. We probably didn't do a good enough job."

The loss to Edmonton was Pittsburgh's third in a row, and the team now sits 10 points out of a wild card spot in the Eastern Conference as time ticks down on the 2023-24 season.


Are the Pittsburgh Penguins Wasting the Time Crosby has Left in the League?

Meanwhile, former NHLer turned analyst Paul Bissonnette said the Penguins are absolutely wasting the time Crosby has left as one of the top players in the NHL.

"The Calgary loss was the nail in the coffin the Penguins are cooked. This is sad. Sid will miss playoffs for back to back years for the first time in his career having the best season a 36 year olds ever had. I think you get 2 more seasons like that and you wasted one. How quick can it get rebuilt???.

I know it won't happen but Crosby in Colorado would blow our brains. Can we just pretend? How unbelievable would it be to watch those two play together? If I had a Genie in a bottle and got 3 wishes that would be one of my wishes no lie."

Despite the Penguins struggles this season, Crosby has managed to score 32 goals and 63 points in 59 games, showing the hockey world the 36-year-old has plenty left in the tank yet.
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Sidney Crosby Opens Up About the Humiliating Defeat He Received from the Oilers

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