Zach Hyman and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Edmonton Oilers
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Heroic Oilers Players Rescue Stranded People on the Highway

Published March 4, 2024 at 8:32

With the Edmonton Oilers still rolling after a major turnaround in their season from early on, an incident over the weekend shows members of the team haven't forgotten where they came from. Two Oilers in particular are being hailed as heroes after stopping to help people stuck in the snow.

Two Edmonton Oilers Praised for Helping Stuck Vehicle

A post on social media yesterday caught the attention of many people. A Redditor said her son's friend got his car stuck on the highway as Edmonton received a ton of snow. A car pulled over to help, and out jumped Edmonton's Zach Hyman and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, ready and willing to lend a hand.


In case there were any questions on the validity of the story, Edmonton Oilers reporter and broadcaster Tony Brar confirmed it.

"The story about Zach Hyman and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins helping the individual who had their vehicle stuck in the snow is true.

This story is a glimpse into the content of their character.

Two incredible individuals who approach every interaction with kindness & respect. #Oilers"

Hyman and Nugent-Hopkins Show Their Off-ice Leadership on an Edmonton Highway

Both Hyman and Nugent Hopkins are known for their leadership on the ice, and it looks like that attitude spills over into all aspects of their lives. It may seem like a small gesture, but it was one that certainly wasn't mandatory for either of them.

"Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Zach Hyman helped lead the Oilers to a big win on Saturday, and then came through with an ever bigger assist off the ice 🤝"

Hyman, 31, is having his best season ever in the NHL in terms of goals, and currently sits at 42 in 58 games. Add another 19 assists for 61 points in total. Nugent-Hopkins has dropped off somewhat from what was a career season last year where he scored 104 points. However, he's shown time and time again that he's a huge part of this Oilers team, and will be a valued teammate going into the playoffs.
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Heroic Oilers Players Rescue Stranded People on the Highway

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