Marc Andre Fleury smiling under his mask during a stoppage of play for a game with the Minnesota Wild.
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Marc-Andre Fleury gives a shocking update on retirement plans

Published March 30, 2024 at 10:01

Marc-Andre Fleury has just shocked the hockey world, giving this update regarding his future retirement plans and what he wants to do next season.

It was well assumed that Marc-Andre Fleury would be retiring after this year, however, the star goaltender never made an official announcement. Despite that, all signs pointed to this season being his last, like when he was emotional during his time in Pittsburgh or buying out a bunch of seats in Montreal. However, things may have changed for the Flower.

Fleury recently shared in an interview that he is more willing than ever to return to the Wild for another season if the plans are right. He noted that he would need to have a conversation with GM Bill Guerin before returning.

«I'd like to sit down with (Wild GM Bill Guerin) and have a chat with him,» he said. «I want to know what he thinks. What are the plans for the Wild? What are his options? What does he think about me? Am I still an asset for the team?

«We also have another good young goalie in the American Hockey League in (Jesper) Wallstedt. He's been playing in (the AHL) for two years now. I'll need to know Bill's plans.»

Fleury is one of the greatest goaltenders of all time, and the question remains if he will retire in Minnesota or go somewhere else for a final Cup push.

The answer to that question appears to be a big old no, according to Fleury. He noted in the interview that if he were to return next year, and the situation was right, he would sign a 1-year deal with the Wild. It's unlikely he would block a trade, though you never know with goaltenders.

«Yeah, it's probably Minnesota or retirement,» he said.

«If I come back, I'd sign a one-year contract. And then, we'll figure it out from there.»

We will see what Fleury decides later this year, and if the Wild bring him back for another spin.

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Marc-Andre Fleury gives a shocking update on retirement plans

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