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Nathan MacKinnon's Home Point Streak Finally Ends

Published March 29, 2024 at 10:57 PM

After a tough loss against the New York Rangers last night, the Colorado Avalanche filed a review on behalf of Nathan Mackinnon to save his 35-game home point streak.

The Colorado Avalanche lost against the New York Rangers 3-2 in a shootout. However, in addition to losing the game, star center Nathan MacKinnon also appeared to lose his home-point streak after an astounding 35 games.

MacKinnon was only 6 games away from beating Wayne Gretzky's record from his 1988-1989 season with the LA Kings. With the player so close to this astounding feat, the team filed a review on his behalf in an attempt to save his streak.

"Teams can ask the NHL's hockey ops to review any scoring decisions.

The #Avs did ask for them to look at the Devon Toews goal, for obvious reasons, I'm told. They don't expect a change, but it certainly can't hurt to ask."

The call in question comes from a play that occurred with a little over seven minutes left in the game. Upon initial analysis of this segment, it seemed that MacKinnon could have been awarded an assist on a goal from Mikko Rantanen. However, it was reviewed and deemed an own goal. As a result, no previous potential assists can be awarded.

"So the goal initially went to Mikko with an assist to Toews and MacKinnon.

Then they review and make it an unassisted goal for Toews.

We have Gretzky fans keeping score? Wouldn't surprise me with the Rangers in town! ;) #GoAvsGo"

Unfortunately for Mackinnon and his fans, the decision was not reversed and his streak officially ended.

Many fans pulled out the rule book on goal scoring, trying to justify an assist for MacKinnon in hopes that he could beat the Great One's record. Some argued that because of how the puck made it into the goal, an assist can be awarded.

"Lindgren did not "shoot" the puck into his own goal. He put the puck in the net by Rantanen hitting his stick into the puck, which then went into the goal. Assists may be awarded."

However, this was all in vain, as the department officially determined they would not reverse their decision from last night's game. Thus, Mackinnon's home point scoring streak ends and Gretzky's still stands untouched.

"The NHL's hockey operations department is not going to make a change to the official scoring from the #Avs second goal last night, @DPostSports has learned. Nathan MacKinnon's home point streak is officially over now, for sure."

Although MacKinnon will have to start his streak over if he wants to break Gretzky's record, he is still a star player in one of the best teams in the league. Currently at sixth in the league, the Colorado Avalanche can put any team to the test and may earn the player another chance at this feat in the future.

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Colorado Avalanche file review on behalf of Nathan MacKinnon
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Nathan MacKinnon's Home Point Streak Finally Ends

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