Bruins Goaltender Linus Ullmark
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Goalie Uses Trade Protection To Stop His GM From Trading Him

Published March 8, 2024 at 5:39 PM

The Bruins have been one of the hottest teams this season, currently standing at 3rd in the league overall. Thus, it would be no surprise they would have an intriguing trade deadline day. However, it was recently reported another potential deal fell through.

Massive Deal On Ullmark Falls Through

Linus Ullmark is a premiere goaltender and has served Boston well. However, there were trade talks that seemed close to a deal that would move him elsewhere. This 30-year-old Bruin could have been moved to the LA Kings, but Ullmark reportedly shut down the offer using no-trade protections.

"Fascinating day for #NHLBruins, sounds like they had a deal on the table to move G Linus Ullmark to #LAKings that didn't end up crossing the finish line.'

Ullmark Reveals Reason For Turning Down Deal

While there is no doubt that Ullmark could have been a valuable asset in Los Angeles, he opted out of the deal for reasons other than a better shot in the playoffs. According to insider knowledge, this goaltender chose to stay in Boston due to geographical reasons.

"so there was a deal that he essentially nixed, in large part based on geography, I'm told."

Though not an uncommon reason to turn down a deal, it is more expected when a player is expected to join a Canadian team. Nonetheless, he now has a 16-team no-trade list and one year left on his current deal.

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Goalie Uses Trade Protection To Stop His GM From Trading Him

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