LA Kings forward Pierre-Luc Dubois
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Pierre-Luc Dubois likely finished with the Kings after horrible game

Published May 2, 2024 at 11:13

Pierre-Luc Dubois, the Quebec-born forward for the Los Angeles Kings, experienced a season of dwindling fortunes after his big move to the West Coast. Having signed an eye-watering $68 million contract over eight years, expectations were sky-high for Dubois to deliver.

However, the 2023-24 NHL season told a story of declining ice time, responsibilities, and ultimately, production. Dubois wrapped up the regular season with 39 points in 81 games, alongside a disappointing -10 differential.

The real test, however, was meant to be the playoffs—a chance for Dubois to silence the swirling rumors of trades and contract buyouts. Yet, the first-round series against the Edmonton Oilers only intensified critiques of his performance. Over five games, he logged merely one assist and accrued 20 penalty minutes, averaging just 14:50 on the ice per game, making him one of the least utilized players on the Kings' roster.

The playoffs concluded abruptly for the Kings, and Dubois notably detracted from the team's efforts with a penalty that was harshly spotlighted. Following a game where his actions led to a disadvantageous power play for the Oilers, social media and journalists were quick to comment. One such remark captured the sentiment:

«A really stupid penalty by Pierre-Luc Dubois puts the Oilers on the power play.»

The criticism didn't stop at game performance. Dubois' lucrative contract came under fire, with Arpon Basu of The Athletic notably harsh:

« The Dubois contract has taken aging badly into the nuclear age.»

This comment underlines the rapidly growing consensus that the Kings may have misjudged their investment.

As we head into the summer, the speculation around Dubois's future with the Kings and in the NHL will be a focal point. Will a team step forward to take on his hefty contract in a trade, perhaps without any additional cost? Or might the Kings consider a buyout to cut their losses on a deal that is increasingly looking like a misstep? These questions will dominate the offseason narrative as the Kings and Dubois ponder the next steps in what has been a challenging association.

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Embarrassing scene involving Pierre-Luc Dubois and it's over in L.A.
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Pierre-Luc Dubois likely finished with the Kings after horrible game

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