Edmonton Oilers assistant captain Leon Draisaitl warming up for a road game against the Nashville Predators in the NHL.
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Leon Draisaitl may force league wide equipment changes

Published May 2, 2024 at 10:46

Leon Draisaitl is one of the best forwards in the NHL in today's game. Now he might have gotten so good that goalies will be forced to change their equipment to gain another advantage over him and other top stars.

The Edmonton Oilers closed out their series against the Los Angeles Kings last night. In the win, some controversy was caused due to a goal scored by Leon Draisaitl. A shot into a goaltender's glove that ended up in the net was debated to be a goal or not by many fans.

David Rittich ROBS Leon Draisaitl but his glove when completely over the goal line

As you can see in this video Leon Draisaitl gets stopped but the goaltenders glove goes across the goal line and you can clearly see the puck in his glove in the net. A debate was had a short time late on a Sportsnet panel where they discussed goalies changing their equipment color to make the puck more difficult to see.

The panel discusses Leon Draisaitl's first goal of the night.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman admits that he would expect several goalies around the league to reconsider the color of their equipment to gain such an advantage. To this point, goaltending equipment color has mostly been about style but now it could all be about competitive edge soon.
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Leon Draisaitl may force league wide equipment changes

Will more goalies wear darker pads to disguise the puck because of this goal by Leon Draisaitl?

Yes26164.9 %
No14135.1 %
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