Insider Frank Seravalli opens up on Leon Draisaitl's new contract

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May 31, 2024  (10:54)

Edmonton Oilers' Leon Draisaitl in a press conference.
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The insider Frank Seravalli opened up on Leon Draisaitl's new contract with the Edmonton Oilers.

Even if the Oilers are still in the playoffs, some people are already starting to talk about Leon Draisaitl's next contract.
As of July 1st, he'll be eligible to sign an extension, as he enters the final year of his eight years, $8,500,000 AAV deal.
Many people are wondering how much of a bigger salary he'll get, and if he decides to remain in Edmonton.
Playing with the best player in the world is something any professional athletes would want. Draisaitl will certainly take it into consideration, as well as the simple fact that he's his best friend.
Seravalli believes that it's simple: Draisaitl would never dream of changing teams:
"Yeah I don't see it and I don't really understand the hysteria and buzz around it because I've always viewed these two players as a package deal. There's only one place that Draisaitl can play with the best player on planet Earth, and it's here in Edmonton. And by the way, they also happen to be best friends."

"It's going to be hard to envision those two separating from each other. I think maybe the conversation is different if the Oilers had won a Stanley Cup, then Draisaitl could branch off and go on his own."

Seravalli also talked about what kind of deal Draisaitl should get as the Oilers navigate a tough financial situation:
"The Oilers are going to have to pay regardless and they know that,» said Seravalli. «That's the complicating part that we talked about yesterday with Darnell Nurse is they've got to pay Evan Bouchard too."

"He stretches now into, what, $10 million a year after the bridge deal? After an 82-point season and a monster playoffs, probably! So Draisaitl needs a raise, Bouchard needs a raise, eventually in the near future Connor McDavid needs a raise. It's a lot of raises."

Source: Sportskeeda - NHL Rumors: Insider speculates Draisaitl's personal relationship with McDavid will determine his future in Edmonton
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Insider Frank Seravalli opens up on Leon Draisaitl's new contract

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