The reason why the Jets shouldn't re-sign Monahan emerges

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May 31, 2024  (8:08)

Winnipeg Jets forward Sean Monahan
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With the Winnipeg Jets' early playoffs exit, many fans have reconsidered their stance on the Sean Monahan trade. Among those critical of the choice is JetsHub, who argued the team should not re-sign the center forward.

Sean Monahan was a major part of the Winnipeg Jets trade strategy. Hoping to get a strong center forward with a potential spot in the playoffs, the team acquired the player for a first-round pick in the 2024 draft and a conditional third-round pick in 2027.
"Sean Monahan was traded to the Winnipeg Jets by the Montreal Canadiens on Friday.
Montreal received a first-round pick in the 2024 NHL Draft and a conditional third-round selection in the 2027 NHL Draft."

Monahan proved a great asset to the team post-trade during the regular season. He became one of the leading goal-scorers and boosted their powerplay stance in the league significantly.
"Winnipeg Jets powerplay before acquiring Sean Monahan: 15.7% (T-22nd in the NHL)

Winnipeg Jets powerplay after acquiring Sean Monahan: 31.3% (2nd in the NHL since trade)

He's been a complete game changer with the man advantage"

Elliotte Friedman had previously reported that the Jets tried to acquire Monahan for years before they were successful. Since the end of their season, Winnipeg has made it clear to Friedman that they intend to keep him around, as he stated in a recent edition of the 32 Thoughts podcast.
"Elliotte on the Jets and Sean Monahan:

'Winnipeg wants to keep him, is trying to keep him, and what are the domino's that could fall if they do keep him.'

Elliotte reported earlier in the year that Winnipeg had tried to acquire Monahan for multiple seasons prior."

However, not everyone has been elated by this decision. Noted online Winnipeg Jets opinion source JetsHub released a video detailing his belief that the team should not re-sign Sean Monahan. In addition to the forward's lack of production in the playoffs, the host iterates that Monahan is a short-term player, and keeping him around is myopic at best.
"The one big thing is I worry about the term for Monahan, because he's had a lot of short-term deals here. 'Prove it' contracts, not getting a lot of money. He's going to want to get paid and he's going to want to go somewhere where he can have, you know, probably a four, five-year contract. I worry that it's going to be in the $4.5-5 million range, maybe even more."

Many Winnipeg fans seem to agree with JetsHub, at least partially. Though many found him helpful to his line, his underperformance in the playoffs is not worth the cap space he would take up.
Though many fans see the issues the player represents for the team, it is unlikely that Winnipeg will part with the player. Now 29 years old and getting slower on the ice by the day, hopefully, the Jets have a plan to support this forward. If not, it could be back on the trade block for Monahan.
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The reason why the Jets shouldn't re-sign Monahan emerges

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