One-year suspension for Santiago Sierra following dangerous slewfoot

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May 30, 2024  (7:17 PM)

Santiago Sierra's slewfoot on Brandon Mendez
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Brutal play is a natural part of any competitive hockey league. However, fans were shocked to see Santiago Sierra of the Teotihuacan Priests take this several steps too far, making a dangerous slew-foot to Brandon Mendez and earning himself a massive suspension.

Santiago Sierra, a 36-year-old star forward for the Teotihuacan Priests in the Liga Mexicana Elite de Hockey (LMEH), has been widely considered one of the best hockey players to come out of Mexico, having played 103 games for the country for various leagues.
"Sierra, 36, has spent almost the entirety of his career in Mexico, aside from stops with the El Paso Rhinos 🇺🇸 in 2006-07 and for the Français Volants Paris 🇫🇷 in 2015-16.

He has played 103 games for Mexico 🇲🇽 across 10 WC, 1 OGQ, 4 WJC, 2 U18-WC, 2 PAN-AM, and 2 Latam Cups."

However, the player made an egregious and costly attempt to get a leg up on the competition. During a recent LMEH game between the Teotihuacan Priests and Olmec Stone Heads, Sierra gave a nasty slewfoot to opposing forward Brandon Mendez, who was nowhere near the puck. The 20-year-old forward was left unconscious on the ice for a few agonizing minutes, ultimately leading to Sierra's one-year suspension.
"The Liga Mexicana Elite de Hockey has suspended Teotihuacan Priests forward 🇲🇽Santiago Sierra for ONE YEAR for this slew-foot on Olmec Stone Heads forward 🇲🇽Brandon Mendez.

20-year-old Mendez was left unconscious on the ice."

Sierra had a chance at another great season, with five goals and six points in five games played. Mendez had just joined the league after leaving the GMHL's Bradford Bulls to score two goals and five points with the Olmec Stone Heads. With the seriousness of this injury, it is hard to imagine a quick recovery for this player's season.
"Sierra, 36, had five goals, six points through five games played with the Teotihuacan Priests this season, but his season is now of course over due to this hit.

He delivered the slewfoot to Brandon Mendez 🇲🇽, a 20-year old forward. Mendez had zero goals, two points through two games played with the Bradford Bulls (GMHL) 🇨🇦 this season. He also had two goals, five points through four games played with the Olmec Stone Heads (Mexico) 🇲🇽. He played for Mexico's national team at the D3A World Championship this year.

Mendez was left unconscious for minutes following the slewfoot."

With this hit's intentionality and the injury's severity, it is hard to argue with Sierra earning a suspension. Hopefully, Mendez can recover from this setback and the LMEH can establish clearer play guidelines to prevent this barbarity from happening in the future.
Player suspended for one year after dangerous & intentional slewfoot
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One-year suspension for Santiago Sierra following dangerous slewfoot

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