Rumour: Oilers Head Coach to be replaced by 3 time Vezina Winner

Published October 28, 2023 at 4:44 PM

TVA Sports host Jean-Charles Lajoie recently discussed three NHL teams that have been struggling to start the season; the Oilers, Sabres, and Senators. He believes that all three teams could use a change behind the bench and he has one guy in mind to replace them.

Patrick Roy To Return To NHL

Roy has reportedly been interested in returning to the NHL since he won a Memorial Cup with his Quebec Remparts last season. Now, Jean-Charles Lajoie believes he should get a chance with one of these teams shortly.

"In this hockey business it's not who you are, it's who you know. Kevyn Adams, the Sabres' GM, is American and has never really crossed paths with Patrick, except as an opponent on the ice.

In Edmonton, the imprint of the "all-Canadian club" clique is still very much present. Ken Holland is the GM, and Bob Nicholson, Paul Coffey and Jeff Jackson make up his inner circle.

It would take a real clean sweep, but they won't do it, they stick together and look after each other.

Which brings us back to Ottawa, the most natural and likely fit."

While all three teams could potentially benefit from a new head coach, it would seem that the Oilers may be the most interested in his services. The team has famously gotten terrible goal tending to start the year and their overall record is abysmal. If they are interested in Roy though, it sounds like there may be competition.

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Rumour: Oilers Head Coach to be replaced by 3 time Vezina Winner

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