Mic'd Up Referee Caught Swearing at NHL Player

Published October 28, 2023 at 12:35

In a hilarious viral video, this referee was caught swearing at an NHL player when giving him some advice on what to do on the play.

Referee Caught Swearing at Young NHL Player

During the Buffalo Sabres and the New Jersey Devils game on Saturday night, NHL referee Chris Rooney was caught on a hot mic giving some stern advice to Devils Forward Kevin Bahl as he tried to enter a scrum happening after the play.

"You're getting the f***ing power play you f***," said Rooney cutting himself off before going to far. "You're getting the power play get the f*** out of here."

Though a little crass, Rooney is just doing his job here in preventing anything from escalating too far, and while the words may not be for the faint of heart, they were effective in getting the players to listen to him.

Bahl Likely Upset From Previous Dirty Hit

The context of the scuffle and why Bhal was even trying to engage was that Sabres' Connor Clifton made a dirty hit on the Devils' captain Nico Hischier, where he made direct contact with Hischier's head. The hit resulted in a hearing for Clifton.

NHL Player Safety just announced a hearing for Clifton. Hischier did not play third period tonight, «precautionary reasons,» according to Lindy Ruff

As seen on Hockey Feed - "NHL referee Chris Rooney drops f-bombs on Kevin Bahl."
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Mic'd Up Referee Caught Swearing at NHL Player

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